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91.451 Robotics II • 91.548 Robot Design

Spring 2008

Prof. Fred MartinTA: TBA

W, 5:30 to 8:15 pm, OS402


In this course, we will develop a robot for the 2008 Intelligent Ground Vehicles Competition.

We will do this by:

  • Writing robot brains for the open-source Player/Stage/Gazebo simulator
  • Writing Player drivers for our own robot, the MCP
  • Redesigning the MCP platform for better performance
  • Learning about mobile robot control architectures
  • Creating brand-new control code for the MCP (first in simulation, then for the real robot)

Important Dates - Google Calendar

Discussion Group / E-Mail List

We will use Google Groups for class conversation and announcements. Please join this group. I'd advise setting it to send email to you directly.

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The group address is You have to be a member to send to the list.


This course will require all students to take initiative. You will be expected to proactively find things to work on and carry them out. At the beginning of the course, we will all be working on the same thing (Player-Stage robot brains), but then you will specialize (individually and in small, reconfigurable teams) on sub-problems related to the main MCP Robot project.

As such, the course does not have an external referent (i.e., curriculum) upon which you will be judged. Grading will be based on your demonstrated commitment to your own learning.

In this course, my students typically get As.