Brian Mello Dec 10, 2008


XML Manipulation consists of multiple functions that show the usefulness of the XML, HTML, and web server libraries. Some useful features consist of copying XML to another XML file, converting an XML file to HTML and viewing it in a browser, creating a web page in scheme, saving the web page, and view it in a browser.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Data Abstraction is used throughout the project to simplify the use of ports for the user, in making the creation of html and XML easier, and in accessing servlets.
  • In the XML and HTML libraries, data structures such as structs were used to implement these structures.
  • In the XML library, ''Recursive functions"" were used to convert from xml to x-expression and vice-versa.
  • In the XML library, in which an XML symbol is represented Symbolic language processing techniques. This can also be applied to HTML.

External Technology

  • XML is a very useful tool in web programming. The XML and HTML libraries provided in scheme are quite useful because they are so closely related. In other programs such a Visual Studio, XML and HTML are not converted so easily and a programmer would have to create an application that would convert an XML document to be read as HTML. The scheme HTML library has a function where you can read an HTML file as XML. This is useful except that there are a few bugs that need to be worked out. The reason that the XML and HTML libraries are so closely related in plt-scheme is because of a common conversion type. Both XML and HTML can be converted into an x-expression which is a string of the HTML or XML. I still believe some more implementation is needed in the HTML library in order to make it easier to convert from HTML to x-expression.


  • Lisp is a relatively unused language except for some scheme fanatics. Considering web programming languages now such as Visual Basic ans C#(C-Sharp), these are higher order programming languages most commonly used for web development. It shows some innovation in the fact that with the use of these XML and HTML libraries the same project i did a week ago using Visual Studio i could do using Scheme.

Technology Used Block Diagram