Chris DiMaio December 11, 2008


Scheme Spider is a Web Crawler written solely in Scheme. It connects to the internet and collects information matching the user's specified search criteria and returns those results to the user as a web page.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Data abstraction is used to provide easy access to and manipulation of data within each web page.
  • List Processing is heavily used to sort, search, and strip bits of information.
  • Map and Filter are used to eliminate unwanted information in long lists of data.
  • Recursion is used through out the program where ever an iterative process is needed. This includes tail recursion.
  • Functional Programming is used in a small, but important portion of Scheme Spider.

External Technology

Scheme Spider uses the net/sendurl, net/url, html, xml Scheme libraries to communicate with the internet and make sense of information.


I feel that Scheme Spider is innovative because it uses a little known technology to make a common application.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks

Use at on risk!