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Fred Martin

  • Attach:fgm-bonsai.ss
  • I found an image of a bonsai tree on the web. Then I scaled it to 128x128 pixels. Then I converted it to gray-scale and saved it as a GIF.

Patrick Lozzi

  • The code used was part of Exercise #11 so I've left it out of this page.. basically, I created a gradient for the background, shrunk the UML logo procedurally, and right-split and diamonded the PLT logo, all superposed.

Chris DiMaio

  • Attach:extra-credit.ss
  • What I did was take the diagonal gray-scale example from exercise 2 and turned it 360 degrees 90 degrees at a time, putting two turns next to each other and one pair atop the other to form a star (Figure 1). Also, I added the ability to change the size and shade of each star. Then using a series of besides and belows I created 4 blocks of 16 stars to form my so called sky (Figure 2). I then drew the Little Dipper in bright stars, and the remaining stars with slightly dark stars.

Andrew Wilkinson

  • Attach:ajw-pics.ss
  • The first picture is my procedure-painter which was just an experiment on making a procedure with if-statements. So I made the if (< x .5) and than the if inside that for (< y .5) so I broke the picture off into 4 sections. I added or subtracted .5 to make up for the brightness multiplier function (* 255 x y). for instance if I was inside (< x .5) I added .5 to the x's.
  • In the second picture I created a function called spiral which superposed a picture on top of itself, changing the frame each time by moving the origin up and the edges down and left.
  • The third picture is just taking the nest-diamonds procedure given in the homework and applying it to the picture to make a much closer spiral to what I wanted. So I submit all three so you can see what I started with and added effects to it.