Chris Corcoran
December 11, 2008


This app is a web based tool for building music video playlist. By entering a series of music related terms (Jazz, AC/DC, Boy Bands) this tool will search sites like YouTube, MTV and Vimeo to aggregate content that meets those terms. Once the results have been gathered the user is then presented with an easy to use playlist of the content they specified.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Recursive Data Structures are used to store URLs extracted from XML responses.
  • Symbolic Language Processing Techniques are used in the parser to process XML responses from data sources.

External Technology

This project leverages web based APIs to aggregate content from across the net. Currently this version touches APIs from YouTube and MTV Networks.


This project presents a different means of accessing music. With the resent rise of sites like YouTube more and more people are finding new music through video sites. This project would allow new music to come to them by allowing them to search multiple sites with a series of terms.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Create a simple block diagram of your software system that illustrates the major technical components and how they interact; e.g.: