Josyel Perez
December 21, 2008


Fluxus is a REPL that uses Scheme for live coding. Fluxus allows you to create visual effects and play audio from external sources. A good example of this is Windows Media Player. The visual effects that appear when playing an audio file.


NOTE: I used Gimp in pure:dyne to take the screenshot.

      Because it was an animated visual, it got cut off 
      in some places. In case you are wondering, it is
      a sphere with a spiral of cubes that transform
      and changes color from a range of RGB.

Concepts Demonstrated

  • Object Oriented Programming is used to encapsulate each object.
  • Recursion is used for creating multiple objects that are displayed.

External Technology

I was not able to implement this feature. However, fluxus allows for multiple sources of external audio. For example, it allows you to receive outputs from jacks, from midi files, OS network messages, and to some extent from movie files.


The ability to do live coding to create amazing visual and audio demonstrations on the spot.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks

Despite all my set backs, I really enjoyed the project. Fluxus is a great tool for anyone who wishes to do live coding. Currently, there aren't any Window version of Fluxus. I highly suggest everyone to try out Fluxus at least once. It really shows how flexible and fast scheme can be.