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Martin section, Wed Apr 27, 12n to 1p, OS311

  1. Domain Specific Language for Slideshow in Racket by Evan O'Leary and Connor Emma
  2. Random Game Map Generator by Adam Melle and John Perkins
  3. Sudoku Solver by Connor McGrory and Yusuf Yildiz
  4. Slime Volleyball by Kenny Sanders and Cam Oliver
  5. Fred's Stockroom by Udit Bhansali and Krin Yongvongphaiboon
  6. Racket Weather by JT Shepple, Huy Huynh, and Jason Downing
  7. Sports Stats by David Bui and Connor McLaughlin
  8. The Sound Editor by John Kilgo, Tony Ventura, and Tyler Bezuka
  9. Scratchket by Kyle Jolicoeur and Brian Thomas
  10. Racket Blogging Platform for GUI II Project by James Erardi, Alex Cushing, and Tyler Bainbridge

Sherman section, Thu Apr 28, 330p to 445p, 3rd floor elevator lobby

  1. Timeline Thing by Jacob Suarez, Tyrone Turrel, and Saurabh Verma
  2. Procedurally Generated Side Scroller Game by Wesley Nuzzo and David Benoit
  3. RackeTwitter by Harrison Desjardins and Nick Finocchiaro
  4. SkraM SVG Editor by Dmitri Kheifets and Ian Roberts
  5. ChessNuts: The People's Chess Simulator by Josh Blanchett and Conor Finegan
  6. Hang me, with sounds! by Willis Hand and Laura Lucaciu
  7. Racket Fantasy by Martin Rudski and Yusuf Mulyo
  8. Mathletes by Rajia Abdelaziz and Jeremy Daigneau
  9. SpaceXplore by Lokesh Manchi and Rob Russell
  10. Interactive Server Project by Michael Antrobus and John Brown

Martin section, Fri Apr 29, 12n to 1p, OS311

  1. Fractal Turtle Graphics by Patrick Donegan, Ebenezer Ampadu, and John Adams
  2. Interactive OPL Blog Page by Muhammed Khalid and Chhun Kim
  3. Small Business Simulator with Financial Analysis by Sridhar Rangan and Behailu Tekletsadik
  4. Visual Data by Ryan Cauble and Cody Mulkern
  5. Spending Tracker by Cullin Lam and John Kuczynski
  6. Secure Password Storage by Michael Bowe and Aliyu Zakari
  7. Checker Master by Sean Berube, Samir Khoulani, and Brendan Bousquet
  8. Home Automation by Christian Everett and Rotana Nou
  9. Multi User Dungeon by Donovyn Pickler and Naman Jiandani
  10. Dragon Hall Z by Andry Lora and Joel Cruz
  11. Lambda Looper by Alex Gribov, George Mitwasi, and Kevin Dibble