Chris Labaidni
May 2, 2014


XML is a commonly used markup language employed to package text in human and machine readable form. It converts common text into a specific format using elements, consisting of tags and text bodies, and attributes. 'XML, It' aims to facilitate the conversion of text, entered by the user, into a valid XML document. The ultimate goal is to create an easy and simple way to create a full-fledged XML document.


Concepts Demonstrated

Concepts that I have learned and applied in this project:

1. Tagged Data Types--> Each XML string element tagged with either 'parent or 'child

2. Message Passing --> Error checking function that is passed an error message via a anonymous lambda

3. Data Structures --> XML elements saved into memory as a list consisting of lists

4. Environment Variables--> Use of set! function to actively change global variables

External Technology

Racket Libraries Used:

1. 'racket/gui/base' --> Scheme library used to build GUI interface

2. 'scribble/html/xml --> Library to build XML strings


Some innovative methods I thought of:

1. Use of check box to set driver code to produce parent or child XML string:

2. Print functionality that prints out entire XML tree into a new window

3. Error checking throughout each step in the process

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks