Rob Cadwallader
May 2, 2014


Password cracking is not a precise science; it involves guessing. A lot of guessing. Words with Foes is a wordlist generator that algorithmically generates educated guesses. That is, it produces a wordlist for use by a password cracker based on common password patterns.



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Concepts Demonstrated

  • Functional Programming is used throughout Words with Foes to manipulate and augment words.
  • Finite and infinite "Streams" are used to make many augmentations to words.
  • List comprehensions are used to organize and compile results.
  • Words with Foes takes advantage of the fact that Racket has First Class Functions to organize and apply manipulations to words.

External Technology

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Words with Foes uses a few external technologies. The Racket Libraries Racket GUI Toolkit and File IO are used for user interaction and file production respectively. An external CSVReader library is used for wordlist file input.


Using an existing wordlist or a single seed word Words with Foes makes likely changes to existing words. The application does not simply generate permutations, it generates permutations that you might expect a human to make. It is also easily extensible allowing people to write and include their own manipulation procedures easily.

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