Linda Chhay
May 2, 2014


This project is a webpage for all the dog lovers out there. There are many awesome pictures of various types of breeds and their breed information. It is easy to navigate and clean.


Concepts Demonstrated

1/6 of the project grade is based on which concepts from OPL are demonstrated in your project. Please identify them here. Be brief; a simple list and one-sentence explanation for each concept should be adequate; e.g.:

  • Symbol symbols are used for binding environments
  • Data abstraction is used in more complex functions

External Technology

Web-server/insta library is used for creating the web page. I also used photo shop to create a few image components such as the next and back button. HTML is used for the layout of the page, and I also learned some CSS to add style to the different components in the page.


The idea is to create a simple clean webpage that isnít loaded with ads. It has many information on various dog breeds including data on health, temperament, size, life expectancy, etc. Unlike other dog websites the look and feel is a lot different and more contemporary.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks