Uday Bhaskar Challapalli
May 2, 2014


This is a game titled Survival IN Sea. The main idea of the game is to eat all the food and to stay away from sharks while doing it. Arrows keys are used for navigation and space bar is used to consume the food.


I am about to die in the second image (after eating the mushroom) because the shark will eat me.

Concepts Demonstrated

  • Data Abstraction which is used to manipulate objects in the game world.
  • Conditional Statements such as COND is used to check the user input (key pressed, key=? is used).
  • Place-image procedure is the backbone of the game.
  • To place the images at respective positions, make-posn is used which required an external library.

External Technology

  • HTDP/WORLD: Required to incorporate procedures like place-image, big-bang, on-tick and on-key events and more.
  • LANG/POSN: Used only for the make-posn procedure that is used to place images at required position.


It partially represents PAC-MAN which is a similar idea but it includes the BFS algorithms for the monsters to calculate the shortest path. This is just a simple idea that can have a lot of improvement. Games was something I always used to express my ideas and this was the best opportunity.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks

GUI was something I planned on including in the project. I will still be working on it to try and make the game more interactive.