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Google code jam

In this assignment, you'll be solving three assigned Google code jam programming problems plus one of your own choosing using Scheme.

As much as feasible, use functional methodologies in your implementations—e.g., map / filter / reduce.

The assigned problems are:

Also pick one of your own and solve it. Hint: the Qualification round problems are easier—you're welcome to challenge yourself as much as you like.

Important: When submitting your results, for each problem, indicate how you've tested your solutions:

  1. I've only tested using "make test".
  2. I've also tested with code jam small input (better).
  3. I've further tested with code jam large input (best).

Also say whether your code passed each of these tests.

Please put this information into a readme.txt file that you include with your submission.

The assignment on Grader is here: