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In this assignment, you will document your OPL final project. This will be done on the class wiki site using a provided template. I will make a copy of your documentation to be displayed during during the project presentations.

You will separately turn in your code using the UML submit system.

Project Report Template

Below is the wiki markup you should use as a template for your writeup. To use it, do the following:

  1. Select all of the markup-text between the horizontal lines, and copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Go to the Project page and click “Edit” to edit the Project page. Add your project title and name as a wiki link per the examples there. The edit password was given in class and is posted to the class Google group.
  3. Save the page.
  4. Click on the newly-created link to your project writeup.
  5. At that page, click edit.
  6. Paste the wiki markup-text into your project writeup page, and Save.

You now have the framework for documentation your project. You can re-edit your page as often as you like. Follow the directions in the template for uploading your screen shot.

'''Your Name''' \\
May 2, 2014

A brief description of the project is given here.  The description is 1 to 3 sentences long.  Be concise and clear.

%width=600px% Attach:fgm-screenshot.png

(You may attach a PNG, GIF, or JPG file.  Please note the @@Attach:@@ syntax for doing this.  After you save the wiki page, you will see the @@Attach:@@ link with a blue triangle.  Click on the link, and then you will be brought to a page where you can upload the attachment. After you upload the attachment, the link goes away and you see the image instead.)

!!Concepts Demonstrated
1/6 of the project grade is based on which concepts from OPL are demonstrated in your project.  Please identify them here.  Be brief; a simple list and one-sentence explanation for each concept should be adequate; e.g.:

* ''Data abstraction'' is used to provide access to the elements of the RSS feed.
* The objects in the OpenGL world are represented with ''recursive data structures''.
* ''Symbolic language processing techniques'' are used in the parser.

!!External Technology

Another grading category is the “extent to which project integrates with some external technology.” Briefly mention this here.  If your external technology is a Racket library, describe it.


Describe what is innovative about your project.  

!!Technology Used Block Diagram

Create a simple block diagram of your software system that illustrates the major technical components and how they interact; e.g.:

%width=600px% Attach:fgm-block.png

!!Additional Remarks

Please use this area to include any additional information you would like to include that did not fit into any of the previous categories.

The total write-up, including screen shot and block diagram, should be two to three pages in length (when printed).