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Final Project Exploration 1

In this exercise, you will play with at least one library provided by the Racket developers. You will have the opportunity to explore another library in each of the next two weeks.

Please choose libraries that you think you might be interested in using in your final project.

Start off at the Racket home page, http://racket-lang.org/, and then click on the Documentation link, taking you here: http://docs.racket-lang.org/.

There are lots of libraries. Play with one.

Your job is to explore one library and write up your results. Load the library and write some code to drive it around.

For example, maybe you are interested in building a web app. If we look at the net/url library, we will find functions for creating URLs, issuing HTTP GET commands, and displaying the results. Here is a little bit of code for driving around a few of the functions in this library:

#lang racket

(require net/url)

(define myurl (string->url "http://www.cs.uml.edu/"))
(define myport (get-pure-port myurl))
(display-pure-port myport)

Notice that (require net/url) is all you need to put in your buffer in order to load the library and start using it.

This above is a trivial example; to complete this for the purposes of this assignment (if you go down the path of pulling HTTP requests), you should use the parsing libraries to parse the HTML that is returned, and then do something with the results.

To turn in: at least 2 pages of interspersed code and narrative explaining what you did. Reminder again: please think about what you might want to work on for your final project, and choose a relevant library to work with.

How to submit

Please turn in your work using the CS cluster's submit command.

Copy your files to the cluster, log in using your CS user account, and then run this Unix command:

submit fredm 301-fpe1 your files