Shivam Goyal
May 2, 2014


Balloon Shoot is a simple single player game, in which player’s goal is to shoot the balloon by adjusting the angle and force by which arrow will be fired. Whenever player hits the four balloons in the game it wins.


Concepts Demonstrated

Here are the key concepts that were used in order to develop this game:

• Simple data abstraction. The elements of the game are defined and called for example (define (force_arrow f_arrow)

             (rectangle  f_arrow 10 "solid" "yellow")). 

• Lists are used for keeping the track of coordinates or angle.

  • COND statements are used for checking the arrow position and also in mathematical calculations.

External Technology

The project uses two external libraries.

• “ universe.rkt” is used to for creating interactive, graphical programs consisting of mathematical functions.

• “image.rkt’is used to provides a number of basic image construction functions, along with combinators for building more complex

        images. Basic images include various circles, line, bitmaps and text.


It has used the big bang function from 2htdp /universe module in which function has taken the on-mouse, on-tick and to-draw as argument to ensure the smooth running of game.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks

Project is still in progress requiring smooth efficient running of game.