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91.301 Organization of Programming Languages
Prof. F. Martin

Out: May 2, 2011
Due: May 9, 2011

Code Turn-In

After the project is complete, get all of the source files together.

  • Create a README.txt file that lists all files that you are submitting
  • Also include one or several introductory paragraphs that explain the overall structure of the code.
  • Indicate which files are ones that you performed substantial work.
  • Make sure to highlight how the code exhibits the key ideas of the class.
  • Explain how to run the code.

The README.txt file should be in plain-text format. It should be anywhere from 100 to 500 lines long depending on how much there is to talk about.

Make sure to describe blocks of code you are particularly happy with, where you might have thought “I am so glad I am working with Scheme right now!”.

Also, if there were particularly painful or annoying things you dealt with, please mention.

Zip or tar up all of the source files and the README and submit to assignment 301-fpcode on the cs.uml.edu cluster:

  submit fredm 301-fpcode yourname.tar