Therese Kuczynski
Son Nguyen
December 8, 2014


The robot has a marker attached to its back then moves in a recursive pattern and generate a recursive image.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Recursion: is used to create procedure of the robot movement and generating recursive pictures.
  • Cond: Statement'' is used for responses of user input.
  • Set: to declare the command from file contents.
  • Filter: choosing between program messages.

External Technology and Libraries

Firmata Library: Racket library which control pins on the Arduino board from a racket program to

                 turn on and off each motor of the wheels.

Arduino: A microcontroller with analog and digital pins.

Espeak: Linux voice synthesis library

Pocketsphinx: Speech recognition library.

Motor Shield: Provides an interface between the micro controller and two Digital Currant( DC ) motors.

Favorite Lines of Code

  • Therese Kuczynski: This line of code chooses a message from a small database.

(define(say message syn-list)

                          (eq? (cons x) message))))))
  • Son Nguyen: This line of code generates a Koch snowflake fractal image.

(define (Koch k depth)

  (cond( ( < depth 1) (drive-forward k) (turn-off))
       ( else 
         ( Koch (/ k 3 ) ( - depth 1))
         (turn-left 2)  ;;60 degree  ;;turning is still not accurate still have to work on it beter
         ( Koch (/ k 4 ) ( - depth 1))
         (turn-right 3) ;;turning 120 degree       
         ( Koch (/ k 4 ) ( - depth 1))
         (turn-left 2) ;;turning 60 degree
         ( Koch (/ k 3 ) ( - depth 1))

Technology Used Block Diagram

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