Alessandro Allen
Brian Day
December 8, 2014


The Home Automation system uses the racket language and Arduino micro controller to implement a system to automate lighting, heating, and cooling controls. Racket uses the host computers serial port communicate with the Arduino and send commands to turn on or off various lights and a simulated HVAC system. A simple GUI is used to allow for user interaction with the system.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Data abstraction is used to provide access to and control of the LEDs on the Arduino.
  • Message passing is used to send commands to the LEDS.
  • Let and lambda are used in the GUI to provide functionality to the buttons.
  • Type coercion is used in the GUI to convert ints to strings
  • Cons cells are used to store the time for each object to turn on/off

External Technology and Libraries

  • Arduino
  • Firmata Library
  • GUI Library

Favorite Lines of Code

  • Alessandro Allen: This section of code runs a clock and displays the current date and time in the GUI
(define timer (new timer%
                   [notify-callback (lambda () 
                                    (set! date (seconds->date (current-seconds)))
                                    (set! hour (number->string (abs (- 12 (date-hour date)))))
                                    (set! minute (if (< (date-minute date) 10) (string-append "0" (number->string (date-minute date)))
                                                     (number->string (date-minute date))))
                                    (set! month (number->string (date-month date)))
                                    (set! day (number->string (date-day date)))
                                    (set! year (number->string (date-year date)))
                                    (set! time-string (string-append hour ":" minute))
                                    (set! date-string (string-append month "/" day "/" year))
                                    (send actual-date set-label date-string)  
                                    (send actual-time set-label time-string))]
                   [interval #f]))
  • Brian Day:
         HVAC - not 100% complete but is the object to control ac/furnace/fan
    (define (make-HVAC-obj name) 
      (let* ([schedual #f] ;manual temp change only(overides current schedual until next schedualed time triggers)
             [time-morn (cons (cons 0 0) -1)]; time/temp ((12.00). 65) temp in F
             [time-afternoon (cons (cons 0 0) -1)]
             [time-evening (cons (cons 0 0) -1)]
             [time-night (cons (cons 0 0) -1)]
             [time-schedual (list time-morn time-afternoon time-evening time-night)]
             ;sets high/low for HVAC to kick on defaults to 2 degree dif
             [temp-range 2]
             [temp-on (lambda (x) (- x temp-range))]; prob dont need lambda???
             [temp-off (lambda (x) (+ x temp-range))]
             [furnace (make-simple-device-obj 'furnace 11 OUTPUT_MODE)];shouldnt be hardcoded pin
             [fan (make-simple-device-obj 'fan 12 OUTPUT_MODE)];shouldnt be hardcoded pin
             [ac (make-simple-device-obj 'ac 13 OUTPUT_MODE)];shouldnt be hardcoded pin
             ;[thermostat (make-analog-obj 'therm);
             [slaves (list furnace fan ac)] ;complex device can have simple devices that are controled by it
             [inputs '()] ; can allow
             [device-obj (make-simple-device-obj name 0 0)]);not actually connected to pins 
        (lambda (message) 
          (cond [(eq? message 'get-slave) (&#955; (self sub-obj) sub-obj)] 
                [(eq? message 'set-slave!) (&#955; (self slave state)
                ;(filter-map (&#955; (i) (if (eq? slave (ask i 'name))#t #f))slaves))];returns a list not what is wanted
                    (map (&#955; (i) (if (eq? slave (ask i 'name));look for item in list with correct name
                                    (begin (ask i 'set-state! state)
                                    #f ))slaves))]
                [(eq? message 'set-fan!) (&#955; (self state)
                                           (ask (ask self 'get-slave fan) 'set-state! state))]
                ;manual control only use 'set-temp-schedual! for automation
                [(eq? message 'set-temp!) (lambda (self) self)]
                [(eq? message 'set-temp-schedual!) (lambda (self ) self)]
                [(eq? message 'slaves) (lambda (self) slaves)]
                [else (get-method device-obj message)])

This block of code reads in a regular expression and uses it to match against a pre-existing hash-map named *words*.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks

Git Hub ----> most up-to-date-code