Ana Arribasplata
Kirtan Patel
December 8, 2014


We are creating a Web based Paint application. Also, we created local file that lets the user to be able to choose a color and create different shapes.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Lambda Function is used to provide access to the mouse events.
  • response-generator embed/url is used to access the url.

External Technology and Libraries

I am using the picturing-programs library. This library is a combination of the image teachpack and the universe teachpack. -- Ana Arribasplata

Favorite Lines of Code

Each partner should identify a favorite line of code, Scheme expression, or entire procedure written by himself / herself in the entire project, and explain what it does. E.g.:

  • Ana Arribasplata:
(define (handle-eventJEEM e)
  (if (or (send e button-down? 'left) (send e dragging?))
      (draw-shape current-shape (send e get-x) (send e get-y))
      (lambda (x) 'nil)))

This codes handle the mouse event and it is my favorite line of code because without it is what puts everything together.

  • Kirtan Patel:
    (define (start request)
      (local [(define (response-generator embed/url)
                 '(html )

This block of code reads in a regular expression and uses it to match against a pre-existing hash-map named *html*.

Technology Used Block Diagram