Jordan Allspaw
May 3, 2012


Title--Ros Navigation Stack With a Pioneer


For my project I chose to incorporate the ROS navigation stack in order to utilize known solutions for mapping, localization, and robot path planning.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Using existing ROS stacks utilizing existing API to set up a useful system.
  • Creating Odometry' The Odometry informaton provided by the ROS library for a pioneer was heavily flawed, I rewrote how it calculates odometry.
  • Transform frames are used to relate the position of a target in the world to individual components. I set up the entire frame system on the pioneer.
  • Robot Localization The Pioneer will localize its position on a known map, and continually correct its belief using odometry and laser range values.
  • Autonimous Navigation Given a goal point in the world, the Pioneer will navigate to it while avoiding obsticles using a known global map and a local map built from laser range values.


My project is interesting because it utilizes existing ROS API to accomplish a goal. This is good experience for working with a known system and getting it to work correctly.

Additional Remarks

Pioneer correctly localizes from a known map, or can start with no known information and create its own map. It will correct its position and navigate to goals given to it while avoiding any obstacles.