Ian Ndicu
May 3, 2012


Professor Availability


Using a bilibot or any other robot with a functional ROS navigation stack, a user with the Professor Availability android application can send and receive information about a rooms door status(Closed/Open). The application publishes the desire room ID to a ROS node that will handle the specifics regarding the room location on a given map. Once the robot has reached its goal, it will send the user a picture of the rooms door.


(:youtube Oj-F86FqNVI:)


Android Application

Concepts Demonstrated

The Navigation Stack Implements

  • An AMCL (Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization)
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Global Goal & path planning
  • Local Goal & path planning
  • Global & Local cost maps


Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks