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Submit material you wish to deliver electronically via:

  submit fredm ps3 zip-or-tar-file


Read Nat Tuck's 2-page introduction to ROS, which is located in the Resources tab of this web site (look for link at the top of this screen).

Software Install

(Optional) Install ROS on your own computer.

ROS requires Ubuntu 11.10 and the ROS install itself is a 2 GB download. This will take a 2 to 3 hours, but it doesn't require constant attention. If you can download on campus, there is a mirror and it will go faster.

So get started early, and do something else while it's happening. Download/install instructions are at Do the Desktop Full Install (ros-electric-desktop-full).

If you don't have a computer suitable for Linux installation, you can use computers in the OS302 lab. The Bilibot robots will be set up with screens and keyboards. For now, you may treat them as a computer on wheels.


Complete the beginners' tutorial 1 through 19 from

To turn in: Submit the bag file you obtained by driving around the TurtleSim robot.