Mikhail Medvedev
May 3, 2012

Object recognition and manipulation


The goal is to recognize an object from the point cloud produced by kinect sensor and to be able to manipulate the object. Object recognition is achieved using PCL filter pipeline. Teleoperation interface is rviz with interactive markers.



(:youtube m30m_gjwbeU:)
(:youtube 4t7XF_rgvhs:)

Concepts Demonstrated

  • Point Cloud Library is used to filter the initial point cloud and to estimate the model.
  • Gaussians are used to smooth the estimated location of the model (Kalman Filter).
  • Rviz Interactive Markers are used to control the robot.
  • Transform Frames are used for everything.


The 3d control interface for the bilibot has not been implemented before. The interface is intuitive and easy to extend.

Technology Used Block Diagram

    Mikhail Medvedev 
May 10, 2012 Attach:mmedvede_pcl_object_recogn.pdf