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When Homework Is Due, and How to Submit It

Homework is due at the beginning of lecture.

Most homework will be submitted electronically, using the submit command running on the CS Department's servers. If you do not already have a CS account—e.g., if you are not a CS major—you need to request one immediately by visiting the CS Dept IT Administration office in Olsen 312.

In general, you will be submitting multiple files at once, and it is important that (1) you put files into a subdirectory, and (2) you name this subdirectory and the submit file properly.

Let's explain via example. Assume you are working on PS1 and you are going to submit three files, named foo.txt,, and README.txt. First, you put the files in a subdirectory, and you name this subdirectory with your username. Since my username is fredm, I would arrange the files like this:


Next, zip up or tar up the files, making sure to preserve the fact that they are located in a subdirectory. CD to the directory that has the fredm subdir, and then:

If you prefer zip: zip -r fredm-ps1 fredm-ps1

       $ zip -r fredm-ps1 fredm-ps1
       adding: fredm-ps1/ (stored 0%)
       adding: fredm-ps1/ (stored 0%)
       adding: fredm-ps1/README.txt (stored 0%)
       adding: fredm-ps1/foo.txt (stored 0%)

This produces a file named

If you prefer tar: tar cvf fredm-ps1.tar fredm-ps1/

       $ tar cvf fredm-ps1.tar fredm-ps1/

This produces a file named fredm-ps1.tar.

Then, submit this file. You have to transfer it to your account on the cluster first (using scp). Then, log into the cluster and submit as follows. Since this assignment is PS1, you will use the code ps1 when submitting:

 submit fredm ps1 (or .tar)

The first fredm directs the files to me.

The ps1 sends it to the right place when submitting assignment 1.

The final argument is your archive name.

Please note: For some portions of homework, it makes sense to write it out longhand so that you can show your reasoning. This is true of the mathematical problems, and perhaps some of the short-answer problems. In this case, you are welcome and encouraged to use paper and pencil (or paper and pen). Turn in your written work at the beginning of class, and make sure electronic work is already submitted when class begins.