Erik Cowley and Sean McSheehy
May 3, 2012


Home Security Prototype Device


The Bilibot uses the kinect to track "intruders" and determine whether they are threatening. Intruders who are deemed threatening are shot at with a toy NERF blaster attached to the Bilibot's arm.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Transform frames are used to determine the position of the intruder relative to the bilibot and the position of the intruder's hands relative to the rest of his or her body.


Since ROS provides no information regarding the arm's position, our control program estimates the position of the arm as a function of the time past since the last order. This worked well enough that the bilibot was able to correctly determine when an intruder walked into its line of fire.

Technology Used Block Diagram

Additional Remarks

Unfortunately, the Bilibot was not able to fire its nerf blaster due to difficulty with the electronics. The control side of the project works as intended.