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Final Project Pitch #1

You are to prepare a proposal for a final project—i.e., make a pitch. Your final project is to be a programming/implementation project that also includes a research basis (connection to existing literature). You will be making a public presentation of the project (at our final class meeting), and you will be turning in a short conference-style paper about your work.

The pitch is a summary of an idea that you would consider turning into a final project. You will produce one more of these project pitches before deciding on your final project, and then with input from me, decide on a project. Both pitches should be serious candidates.

The summary should have the following components:

  • Project title. No more than ten words.
  • Your name. I will be printing these things out and then the filename info will be detached.
  • Project statement. What is the project and why is it interesting?
  • Project analysis. Explain how you would plan to solve this problem—what technologies or approaches you would use (e.g., an occupancy grid, an EKF, a particle filter) as appropriate to your problem. Make the case that this is a viable approach.
  • Inputs and outputs. What is the nature of the data that will be an input to your system? What is the nature of the outputs that will be produced? How will this I/O fit into a larger system? Be as specific as possible.
  • Analysis of results. How will you know if you are successful?

All of this must fit on one to two pages, using 1" margins and a typeface no smaller than 11-pt. A small diagram may be included if helpful.

Make sure that your filename is your CS username.theappropriateextension. Submissions named (e.g.) fpp1.pdf will be treated with annoyance.

Submit a PDF, PS, .doc, or .docx file using submit fredm fpp1 <your file> .