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Fri Apr 28 at Olsen Hall 3rd floor 11a–1150a

  1. Robotic Arm Object Retriever by Nathan Ko and Adam Yassine
  2. Fiducial Markers and Followers by Jeremy Daigneau & Ivaylo Zagorov and Michael Danino & Zixin Wang

Fri Apr 28 at Tsongas 130p–4p

  1. Law Enforcement and First Responder Mobile Robot by Jeremy McCusker and Jose Maia
  2. Villian Mobile Robot by Marcus Nicolas and Steve Kim
  3. Map-Making Robot by David Bui and Connor McLaughlin
  4. Maze Solving Robot using AI Searches by Connor McGrory and Patrick Donegan
  5. CoffeeBot by Aaron Johnson and Jacob Rosier
  6. Jousting Robots! by Elmer Melendez & Victoria Albanese vs. Darin Beaudreau & Tim Larocque
  7. Robot Arm Playing Tower of Hanoi by Chris Tiani and Joanel Vasquez
  8. Self-Balancing Robot by Steven Warren and John Kilgo