Please write an essay that does two things:

  1. summarizes the key idea(s) from each of the readings to date (meetings 1 through 7)
    • multiple readings from the same author may be treated as one, if appropriate (I count six discrete readings from the seven meetings to date)
    • you don't have to recount every idea discussed—just pick one, two, or three crucial ones
    • each summary should be 300 to 500 words
    • if you can create a narrative thread from one reading to the next, that is lovely but not required (feel free to re-order as you like)
  2. connect one or more personal experiences to each of the readings
    • you can choose one experience that connects to multiple readings
    • or you can select a different experience for each
    • or some combination of the above
    • it's up to you whether you'd rather summarize first and then discuss afterward, or interleave
    • the main point is to illuminate something (or things) in your personal history with the perspectives of each author.

Please format as PDF and email to me by end of the day, Wednesday October 30.