Debugging the Ichi Board in Windows

  1. Open Windows Device Manager
  2. Plug in Ichi Board
  3. Wait to see if device is detected (there are two steps windows has to do, takes under a minute)
  4. Observe what port the Ichi Board appears as (often COM 3)
  5. Start Scratch
  6. Open Scratchboard Watcher
  7. Right-click on Scratchboard Watcher, choose "select serial/USB port"
  8. Choose the correct port (COM3 in this example)

The scratchboard watcher should now be live with Ichi data.

Mac instructions

For OSX 10.5, 10.6 Simply plug it in and Scratch should detect it automatically.

If it does not, start at step 5 above and choose the device named closest to /dev/cu.usbserial-00001004 (the number may change, the name is the important part).

If the Status light is RED

If the status LED is red, the board is not functioning correctly and it will not be able to communicate with Scratch. Please contact Mark Sherman msherman at cs.uml.edu

When the board is first plugged in, the Status light will flash momentarily while it boots up. The light should immediately turn green and stay green for normal functioning.