Here are guidelines for the final project presentations of the iOS Development directed study.

About the Poster

  • Correct size is 20" x 30" or 30" x 20". Disregard the earlier size info discussed in class.
  • You may print the poster on the machine in the copy room on the 2nd floor. Here are directions to how to use it:
  • Please make sure the poster has the UML logo and the CS Department logo on it. If you wish to print out your poster on the 2nd floor machine, downsample the images to be no more than 300 px per edge. Make sure to not distort proportions.
  • Include a block diagram of your system and a screen shot. Again, for printing on the 2nd floor printer, images should be about 300 to 500 px maximum per edge.
  • Make sure your project has a cool title, like Super Awesome Project.
  • Do not do color fills in the background if you are printing on the 2nd floor printer.
  • Here is a PPT template for the poster: Attach:ios-dev-poster-template.pptx. It looks like this:
  • When you go to print, select 36 x 36 paper size from the Page Setup dialog. Press the Form Feed button to get the printer to cut off your page. Then trim to size with the scissors located on the paper cutter table.
  • 30" x 20" foam core is available in a box in the 2nd floor copy room. The box is located next to the wall on the printer's left side (when you're facing the printer).
  • Use your own glue (glue stick or rubber cement) to attach your poster to the foam core.

Please see other information at Final Project Requirements page.