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Download Inkscape

  • Getting it to run on Mac OS X requires that you also download the correct version of X11 (a windowing system used by Inkscape).
    • If you have 10.5, download X11 from the XQuartz project.
    • If you have 10.4, download it here. The .zip file contains 2 packages, X11User.pkg and X11SDK.pkg. Install the X11SDK.pkg first, then X11User.pkg. After the install run software update as Apple has released an update for this version of X11.
    • If you have 10.3, download from Apple here.

Instructions for Inkscape

Send image to Trotec JobControl

(note: keyboard shortcuts are in bold)

  1. “Edit > Select All” (Ctrl+A)
  2. “File > Document Properties” (Shift+Ctrl+D)
  3. In “Document Properties”, under the “Page” tab, “Fit page to selection” (Alt+F)
  4. In “Document Properties”, under the “Page” tab, change “Default units” (Alt+U) to “in” (inches)
  5. Close “Document Properties” (Alt+F4)
  6. If rulers are hidden, “View > Show/Hide > Rulers” (Ctrl+R)
  7. “View > Zoom > Page” (5)
  8. “File > Print” (Ctrl+P)
  9. In “Print”, under the “General” tab, select “Trotec Engraver v5.15” in the “Select Printer” pane (Arrow keys move selection)
  10. In “Print”, under the “General” tab, click “Preferences” in the “Select Printer” pane (Alt+R)
  11. In “Printing Preferences”, under the “Print” tab, assign “Width” (Alt+W) and “Height” (Alt+W then Tab) in the “Size Settings” pane (must be at least the width and height of the image), then click “OK” (Enter)
  12. In “Print”, under the “General” tab, “Print” (Enter)
  13. In new window “Trotec Laser Engraver”, assign “Job name:” and then click “OK” (Enter)
  14. Job will show up in Trotec JobControl in a few seconds

Save in CorelDraw compatible format

(note: keyboard shortcuts are in bold)

  1. “File > Save As” (Shift+Ctrl+S)
  2. In “Select file to save to”, in the bottom right file type list, select “Postscript (*.ps)”
  3. “Save” (Enter)