Tristan Lewis has developed the process for using Rowmark plastic to make signage with the laser.

Material Information

We have used Rowmark Flexicolor as the material. This has a colored surface and a white core. With the laser, you etch away the surface, revealing the white core.

General Procedure

The easiest way is to open 2 files. The first is the plate that has all the text you wish to engrave. The second is the template I use to cut them.

After you have modified the text to what you would like engraved. Save it. The print it. Run it as you would any normal burn with the power settings below. You will need to run it twice. I've played with the power settings and found that there is a more consistant product doing this instead of slowing the laser down, or increasing the power.

After you have ran the text through twice, run the cut mask. This will cut out the plate to the size of all the other plates.

Power Settings

for etching power = 70 speed =70

for cutting power = 100 speed = 1

Sample Files

Attach:cut Δ mask Attach:Text Δ Template

Other Notes

I can't figure out how to get the files to link properly.