Workstation Outfit

Each workstation in OS302 is outfitted with the following tools and materials. Please contact Nicholas_Davidowicz (at) to arrange additions or subtractions for work in advance.

Current Outfit, 9/17/09

Count, Item, Description

1, roll duct tape, varying colors of 2 in tape

3, roll electrical tape, at least three different colors for insulating and marking wires

2, pair safety goggles, safety first, wear when soldering

1, pair scissors

1, hot glue gun, accepts .5 in diameter sticks

1, hot glue tray, stocked with .5 in diameter sticks

3, philips screwdriver, varying sizes

3, flat screwdriver, varying sizes

1, utility knife, integrated yellow tray holds extra blades

1, detail push saw, can cut wood and PVC

1, slide square, mounted on a one foot ruler

1, protractor, plastic half-circle

1, pair needle nosed pliers

1, wire stripper plus cutter

1, wire cutter

1, coil solder, contains lead

1, soldering iron

1, soldering stand, can hold hot irons and equipped with sponges for tip cleaning

1, can tip tinner, mounted on top of soldering iron power transformer

1, networked integrated mac computer and display, (minimum specs to be determined)

1, apple mouse and keyboard

1, enclosed flourescent light, wired but mountable on screws

1, two arm alligator stand, can hold circuit boards and thin devices

1, 4 socket AA(A) battery recharger

1, tube cutter, for scoring copper tubing

4, open ac power outlets, additional power strips are available

Reserve Items

(these tools are not present at each workstation but are available for use in the lab)

coarse metal file

two channel oscilloscope

flexible desk lamp

dc power transformer

pc interface and continuity checker

tape measure


permanent marker

fixed analog/digital projector with screen

box tissues

letter size single side printer


scotch tape

masking tape

velcro tape

double sided adhesive roll


(these items have been suggested and will be included or excluded, pending assessment)

no-residue adhesive

no-residue tape

screw and hole diameter measurement tool

Not Available

(these items have been requested and denied)

Lab Materials

This is a list of lab materials that are available in bins and rolls in the lab, organized by category. Exact counts are not yet available.


(to be completed)

Board Components

(to be completed)

Free Components

(to be completed)

Cricket Components

(to be completed)

Headers, Adapters, and Connectors

(to be completed)

Transmission Cables

(to be completed)