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Meeting 13: Fri 2023-04-21

  • going over data gathered from work with students

Meeting 12: Fri 2023-04-14

Meeting 11: Fri 2023-04-07

Meeting 10: Fri 2023-03-31

  • we shared software demos and made suggestions to each other

Meeting 9: Fri 2023-03-24

  • "do we need the data to be saved after each trials in this game for every kids?"
  • implementation plan should include details on the screen-recording software (including testing/verification)
  • update on instruments and IRB (thanks everyone for submitting your CITI certificates)
  • each team presents:
    1. draft trifold poster design
    2. the current state of your project implementation
    3. software development plan to have everything ready by showtime (including checkpoints)

Meeting 8: Fri 2023-03-17

Meeting 7: Wed 2023-03-01

  • Our paper to HCXAI is submitted! Thank you, Saniya for leading the charge!
  • Updated plans for exhibits at the Bartlett school (+ assignments)
  • Project check-ins
  • Next meeting will be 100% virtual 2023-03-17 (Friday after spring break)

Meeting 6: Fri 2023-02-24

  1. Next week's meeting is Wed Mar 1 in Olney 522 (regular time: 3:30 PM)
  2. Review of project plans and demos
  3. Discussion of data collection:
    • pre/post survey administered in classroom
    • screen recordings of all activity per station
    • audio recordings of conversations at each station
    • “structured interviews” when students finish each station

Meeting 5: Fri 2023-02-17

  1. EAAI '23 selected projects
  2. Sharing about projects
  3. Brief evaluation plan
  4. Weekly meetings will be 1.25 hrs moving forward

Meeting 4: Fri 2023-02-10

  1. Conversation about Gender Shades
  2. Collaboration with Lowell's K-8 Bartlett Community Partnership School (near South Campus)
    • Expecting to work with “STEAM” allied arts teacher on Tue Apr 11 and Fri Apr 14
    • Three groups of students per day, beginning at 7:45 AM and ending at 10:50 AM
    • 25 to 30 students per group
    • separate 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade classes
    • Two stations per project
  3. Presentation/discussion of initial project ideas
  4. Approaches for gathering data
    • One IRB submission for the whole class
    • One joint pre/post survey (administered in students' prior and post classroom meeting sessions)
    • Audio recordings of conversations at each station
    • Data gathering via students' direct interactions with our systems (e.g. DoodleIt's screencap feature)
    • Do we need to do matched pre/post/per-station?

Meeting 3: Fri 2023-02-03

  1. Discussion of papers nominated by students
  2. Project Concept JamBoard
  3. Electronic assessment approaches in PopBots and DoodleIt papers
  4. Theory of Mind: In Saniya's paper and PopBots
  5. Review assignments

Meeting 2: Fri 2023-01-27

Discussion of papers

  • “One way of dispelling student misconceptions about ML is to engage in embodied interaction.” What does this mean to you?
  • “Prompting the students to think about the ethical and societal implications of AI is one of the highlights of the paper for me.” (Lee et al. paper)
  • “you need to know how to program/code in order to understand AI.” vs. “Children are not expected to have any prior knowledge of the concept or programming, hence it is recommended that they be taught AI concepts without advanced programming.” Which is it?

ChatGPT results

Five Big Ideas in Artificial Intelligence poster graphic

Black box vs. Explainable AI (clear box) (Long & Magherko's Design Consideration #1)

Open conversation

Discussing assignments for next time

Meeting 1: Fri 2023-01-20

Overview of semester (per home page info)
Setting up sharing - Google Groups; Discord
Teams of 2 or 3
Vaishali's DoodleIt demo
Challenge in education research and knowing what student are thinking