The Handy Cricket

We are developing materials and approaches for students and teachers to use embedded computing in school science. This work is supported by an NSF Career award 0546513 made in October 2006. The research proposal is here.

We are interested in learners having a relationship to science where they see themselves as scientists and conduct authentic inquiry.

We want students and teachers to be empowered to use computational tools to develop their own scientific experiments and find answers to questions they care about.

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  • “Use of Portable Technology in a Teacher Preparation Program for the Purpose of Enhancing Teachers' Understanding of Scientific Inquiry,” Sachiko Tosa, in Annual Spring Colloquium Journal on Research in Mathematics and Science Education, Volume 13, Spring 2008. PDF
  • Here is a paper presented at the January 2007 ASTE conference.

Recent Mini-Projects

Cricket Data Collection Guides

New Technology

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