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Andrew DiBiasio
My Sierpinski triangle but I added inner triangles as well.

Willie Boag
I implemented in C++ a "picture language" created by Peter Henderson (and featured in SICP).
The picture formation comes from Figure 2.9 in

Therese Kuczynski
The basic structure for the ice crystal is 8 of Jon's line segments sharing the same origin, but incremented by 45 degree angles. Recursion depth for this crystal is 5.

Nathan Goss
Just a simple fractal tree with a 30 degree branch angle. Recursion on this one was 10.

Jacob Kinsman
Sierpinksi's Hexagon (extension of the triangle) with a recursion depth of seven.

Alex Chen
Recursive Circles of alternating red and blue. Recursion depth of 4.

Bobby Donald
Recursive squares, on the left is one recursion depth and on the right is a recursion depth of 6.

This recursively draws shapes with # of sides 2 + (total depth - current depth). This is a depth of 7

Yoo Min Cha
Recursive Tree with a depth of twelve.

Josh Smolinski
Recursive parallelograms, depth of six.

Jon Madden
Recursive circles -- interestingly, turned out
looking a lot like the Sierpinski Triangle! The depth here is 7.

Sierpinski triangle modified the depth is 10

Modified by adding offsets. Depth is 7.

Ronald Louis-Charles
Two Sierpinski Triangles together to form a Diamond, and recursing at the same time

Kevin Wacome
Uniform Mass Center Triangle Fractal, depth of 8.

Description found here: