• draft is due Weds May 13
  • I will have comments back by Fri 15
  • final paper is due Weds May 20


  • present the work you have accomplished this semester
  • make connections to the literature
  • include at least 1 diagram (more are better as appropriate)
  • use SIGCHI paper format: (MS Word) or (LaTeX)
  • cite your sources in References sections (i.e., AIMR chapters and other papers you locate)
  • 3 or more pages long
  • try to frame the cluster of activities you have performed over the semester in a coherent story
  • depending on the nature of your actual work, it will be somewhere along the continuum between A Report of Stuff That I Have Done and An Investigative Research Report. Being closer to the latter is more desirable, but honesty is the best policy. Main job is to create some coherency across your activities.