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1. You should have Marvin Minsky's landmark book, The Society of Mind (1987).

2. Verify that you have read/write access to this week's article selection spreadsheet.

By virtue of you having access to our Google group, you should have access to the following spreadsheet:

3. Look over the Table of Contents of Society of Mind, and claim two chapters. One should be from chapters 1 through 15, and the other from chapters 16 through 30. Up to two people may claim a given chapter.

The assignment is to review the each of the two chapters you have selected.

Write a paragraph (approx. 3 sentences) corresponding with each 1-page essay from your chapters.

Then, for each chapter, write a paragraph summarizing the whole chapter.

Then, turn in something like this, for each of your two chapters (e.g., for Chapter 23, Comparisons):

Chapter 23: Comparisons.
A summary of this chapter.

23.1: A World of Differences.
A summary of this essay, in 3 sentences or so.

23.2: Differences and Duplicates.
A summary of this essay, in 3 sentences or so.

etc. through the rest of the chapter

Concatenate your two chapter summaries together. Submit with same guidelines as last week for filenaming conventions, and acceptable file types.

Submit using submit fredm ai-ps3 filename.txt