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Please complete this survey about your existing background in AI:

Nothing you say will affect your grade. Results will be discussed at the meeting on September 19.

Computational Sustainability

Please find and read two papers on computational sustainability that either (a) address the same problem using different techniques, or (b) address different problems in the field using similar techniques.

Write a two-page (approx 1000 word) short paper explaining the two articles.

Here are some resources for your research.

To turn in your work:

  • Acceptable file formats are .txt, .pdf, .odt, and .doc/.docx.
  • Use your CS login as your filename root. E.g., my CS login is fredm and I want to submit a plain-text file, so I will submit a file named fredm.txt.
  • Make sure your real name is in the file that you're turning in (e.g., at the top).
  • Transfer your file to Mercury, log in, and turn in your work using submit:
submit fredm ai-ps1 filename