Final Project Pitch #1

You are to prepare a proposal for a final project—i.e., make a pitch. Your final project is to be a programming/implementation project that also includes a research basis (connection to existing literature). You will be making a public demonstration of the project (at our final class meeting), and you will be turning in a short conference-style paper about your work.

The pitch is a 1-page project summary of an idea that you would consider turning into a final project. You will produce two more of these project pitches before deciding on your final project. Just because you propose something now does not imply that you are obligated to produce it later. On the other hand, I expect that each pitch be a serious and plausible idea that you are actually interested in.

For Pitch #1, select an idea that is amenable to solution through informed search (e.g., A* search with the appropriate heuristic).

The one-page summary should have the following components:

  • Project title. No more than ten words.
  • Your name. Remember I will be printing these things out and then the filename info will be detached.
  • Problem statement. What is the problem and why is it interesting?
  • Problem analysis. Explain why this problem is amenable to solution via informed search. You don't need to fully solve it (e.g., you don't need to already know exactly how you will represent it as a search problem, or what admissible heuristic you would use), but you need to argue that it's amenable to solving via search.
  • Data set. What data set will you use as the basis for the analysis? Where will you get the data set (e.g., you will download it from a web site, you will create it via a simulation that you build, etc.)?
  • Analysis of results. How will you know if you are successful?
  • Broader impacts. Why is this problem worth solving? Who will care about the solution? What impact on research or society will the work have?

All of this must fit on one page, using 1" margins and a typeface no smaller than 11-pt. A small diagram may be included if helpful.

Make sure that your filename is your CS username.theappropriateextension. Submissions named (e.g.) fpp1.pdf will be treated with annoyance.

Submit a PDF, PS, .doc, or .docx file using submit fredm ai-fpp1 <your file> .

A note on process. It is hard to write short things well. I suggest that you write something too long, and then edit it down. You might be surprised at how much you can remove without losing meaning. Instead, your writing will be stronger and more impactful when shortened.

Last comment. Please try to pick something that connects with your interests outside of class, or something that you are interested in learning more about. All of the best projects have these characteristics.