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91.420/543 Artificial Intelligence
Prof. F. Martin

Final Project Deliverable #2

In terms of what you should be submitting:

  • A text file (.txt extension) named "README.txt" with :
    • Your name and the date,
    • A brief narrative of what you've accomplished (anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs)
    • A description of each file that you're including. These can be grouped; if you have a dozen source files, put them in a directory and describe them en masse. but you should have a sentence for each sort of thing you're including.
  • The files themselves. Use directories to group. You might want to tar or zip up the whole thing and then just submit that file. You should definitely be submitting:
    • Source code written
    • Data sources acquired (make sure to give a sentence or two about each data set explaining what it is and where it came from)
    • Anything else that you've produced or acquired that's relevant to your progress
  • Finally, in your one text file, finish up with your plans for the upcoming week's work.

To submit your Final Project 1 deliverables, use submit fredm ai-fpd2 <files>