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91.420/543 Artificial Intelligence
Prof. F. Martin

Out: Nov 22
Due: Nov 24

Final Project Deliverable One Guidelines

Please turn in work using submit fredm ai-fpd1 <list-of-files> .

Everyone should turn in the following:

  • text file or other text document listing everything that you're turning in, and a sentence or two about what it is.
  • answers to any questions I wrote on your project proposals.
  • synopsis of where you are now, and if anything significant has changed with respect to your project plans.
  • if you didn't stipulate in your project plan, describe what language and development tools are you using, and why you selected them. (Note: “Because I am comfortable and fluent with these tools” is a perfectly acceptable justification. I still want to know what you're using.)

As relevant to your project, you should turn in:

  • code that has been written.
  • data that have been retrieved (and if parsed, that too). If more than 1 MB, truncate.
  • images or other graphics that you might be working with. (You don't have to make these, but include them if you have them and they're relevant.)

Please note: If you are working in a team of two, each partner should separately turn in work representing that partner's personal contribution to the project.