Hoanh Nguyen
December 10, 2010



I wrote a bot to compete in the Google AI Challenge which was organized by the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club and sponsored by Google. In this challenge the bot plays a strategy game called Planet Wars which was inspired by Galcon.


Concepts Demonstrated

  • Advisarial Search is used in the initial expansion.
  • A Reflex Agent handles the rest of the game.


Probably nothing. After the bot is built all you do is watch two bots play a game or many games if you are really bored. What's the fun in that?

Technology Used Block Diagram

Evaluation of Results

The bot was created to compete against other bots so winning was the goal. It ranked 283 out of over 4500, so it did well but there is certainly room for improvement. In the beginning of some games the bot got taken advantage of and sometimes it made some really silly moves.