AAAI-2002 Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition
28 July - 1 August 2002
Edmonton, Alberta

The 2002 AAAI Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition was held in Edmonton, Alberta, as part of AAAI-2002, from 28 July - 1 August 2002.

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Robot Challenge
Judge's Award for Autonomous Localization and Mapping: MIT
Judge's Award for Human-Computer Interaction: GRACE
Judge's Award for Mixed Local Autonomy and Supervisory Control: iRobot
Judge's Award for Robustness in Recovery from Action and Localization Errors: GRACE
Robot Host
First place: University of Rochester
Second place: Kansas State University
Third place: Swarthmore College
Robot Rescue
First place: YSC
Second place: Swarthmore
Third place: Georgia Tech

Technical Award for Interface Design: INEEL
Technical Award for Mapping: Georgia Tech
Technical Award for Platform Design: YSC

Ben Wegbreit Award for Integrating AI Technologies
GRACE: Carnegie Mellon University, Metrica, Naval Research Laboratory, Northwestern University, and Swarthmore College

General Chairs

Holly Yanco, Univeristy of Massachusetts Lowell,
Tucker Balch, Georgia Institute of Technology,


The Robot Challenge

Ben Kuipers, University of Texas at Austin,
Ashley Stroupe, Carnegie Mellon University,

In this event, a robot will start at the entrance to the conference center, need to find the registration desk, register for the conference, perform volunteer duties as required, then report at a prescribed time in a conference hall to give a talk.

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The Rescue Robot Competition

Jenn Casper, University of South Florida,
Mark Micire, University of South Florida,
Robin Murphy, University of South Florida,

The objective of this contest is to give participants the opportunity to work in a domain of critical practical importance. Robots must enter a fallen structure, find human victims, and direct human rescuers to the victims.

The rules for this event provide for fully autonomous robots, teleoperated robots, and sliding autonomy. The event is being developed in close coordination with experienced rescue professionals. This event will use the joint AAAI/RoboCup Robot Rescue rules.

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The Robot Host Competition

David Gustafson, Kansas State University,
Francois Michaud, Universite de Sherbrooke,

This event is designed to support research in human-robot interaction and will consist of two parts: serving desserts at the AI Festival and acting as a mobile information kiosk in the registration and break areas during the conference.

Now available:

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The Robot Exhibition:

Ian Horswill, Northwestern University,
Christopher Dac Le, Northwestern University,

The mission of the Robot Exhibition is to demonstrate state of the art research in a less structured environment. The exhibition gives researchers an opportunity to showcase current robotics and embodied-AI research that does not fit into the competition tasks.

List of registered Robot Exhibition teams
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The Mobile Robot Workshop:

Bill Smart, Washington University St. Louis,

On the last day of the conference, a robotics workshop will be held. Teams who receive travel support must attend and present at the workshop. All other participants will be strongly encouraged to attend and present. A research paper will be required within one month after the end of the workshop, and will be published in a proceedings. The purpose of this workshop is to allow researchers to understand and benefit from each others' efforts.


The deadline for registering your intent to participate is 1 May 2002.

You should register for each event in which you intend to participate. The registration pages are as follows:

Register for the Challenge
Register for the Robot Exhibition
Register for Robot Host
Register for Robot Rescue

Travel Support

Limited travel support will be available. More details.


Saturday, 27 July, 12:00 noon -- Robots can move-in
Tuesday, 30 July, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm -- Exhibition hall open
Wednesday, 31 July, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm -- Exhibition hall open
Wednesday, 31 July, 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm -- AI Festival
Thursday, 1 August, all day -- Robot workshop (robots out of hall by noon)
AAAI sells exhibits only passes for spectators who do not wish to attend the rest of the conference. The passes are valid during the open hours of the exhibition hall. Prices are as follows:
Exhibits Only Adult $10.00
Exhibits Only Child $ 5.00
Exhibits Only Adult w/Festival $25.00
Exhibits Only Child w/Festival $10.00

Shipping Info

Again this year, AAAI has made arrangements with a customs agent: Bruce Carew from Mendelssohn-Customs and Transportation Services. We have been assured that he will take care of everything the teams will need to get into Canada and back with no problems. With the necessary paperwork, teams will be able to essentially go through customs for their materials at the Shaw Conference Centre rather than at the actual borders.

Customs forms:

Example customs invoice
Fillable customs invoice
Example order form
Fillable order form

Call for Participation

The original call for participation, posted in November 2001.

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