[Grants] 08/2012: NSF Proposal "NSF CNS (Award #: 1229213 ): Acquisition of HPC-B: A High Performance Computational Infrastructure for Biomedical Informatics Research" was awarded at the amount of $305,494 (PI)

[Grants] 07/2012: Proposal "Computational Modeling of Physiological Data Using Inexpensive and Unobtrusive Sensors: A New Paradigm for Computational Physiology" was awarded at the amount of $49,606 (Sole-PI)

[Software] 07/2012: Probability of ACS in Emergency Department Chest Pain Patients - The Erlanger HEARTS3 Score  (A better HEART score that will be employed under a real-world clinical environment)

[Publications] 06/2012: Paper "Measuring MERCI: Exploring Data Mining Techniques for Examining the Neurologic Outcomes of Stroke Patients Undergoing Endovascular Therapy at Erlanger Southeast Stroke Center" accepted by The 34th Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, San Diego, California, U.S, 2012.

[Service] 05/2012: Please considering submitting original research papers to the 2013 Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR 2013), which is one of the premium international conferences in the area of multimedia analysis and retrieval.

[Students] 04/2012: Congraluations to Matthew McNabb, for being selected as outstanding graduate student award (one award per year per department) for both the CSE department and CECS college. Matthew is now working for BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (the State's largest health benefit plan company headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee) on a variety of biomedical informatics projects. Great job, Matthew!

[Publications] 03/2012: Paper "Improving Risk Stratification in Chest Pain Patients: The Erlanger HEARTS3 Score" accepted by American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2012 (Impact Factor: 1.994)

[Publications] 03/2012: Paper "A novel lenticular arena to quantify locomotor competence in walking fruit flies" accepted by Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological Genetics and Physiology, 2012 (Impact Factor: 2.373)

[Grants] 03/2012: NSF Proposal "NSF IIS (Award #: 1156639): Research on Biomedical Informatics" (Computational Physiology) was awarded at the amount of $360,923 (PI)

[Recruiting] 02/2012: I am recruiting highly motivated graduate/undergraduate (prefer graduate levels: Ph.D, M.S) students. Contact me at yu-cao@utc.edu for any further information.

[Publications] 12/2011: Paper "More Discussions for Granger Causality and New Causality Measures" accepted by Journal of Cognitive Neurodynamics by Springer (Impact Factor: 1.625)

[Service] 11/2011: The ACM MMAR2011, Held in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2011

[Software] 10/2011: Online risk calculator for Patients Undergoing Stress Testing (The first ACS risk calculabor that will be employed under a real-world clinical environment)

[Publications] 10/2011: Paper "Loss Resilient Strategy in Body Sensor Networks"accepted by ACM/IEEE BodyNets, Beijing, China, 2011 (Acceptance Rate: 20%)

[Publications] 09/2011: Paper "Towards the Improvement of Textual Anatomy Image Classification using Image Local Features" accepted by ACM MMAR2011 at ACM Multimedia 2011, Scottsdale, AZ, US, 2011 (Acceptance Rate: 25%)

[Grants] 08/2011: Proposal "Large-Scale Medical Image Modeling for Intelligent Medical Information Retrieval" was awarded at the amount of $43,540 (Sole-PI)