UML North

Department of Computer Science

Olsen Hall, 198 Riverside Street

Complete Map of UML North at UMass Lowell. Building 1 is Olsen Hall.


  • Take Route 95 (128) to Route 3 North
  • Follow Route 3 North to Exit 30B
  • Follow Signs to the Lowell Connector

Follow directions from the Lowell Connector


  • Take Route 495 North to Lowell Connector
  • Take the Lowell Connector North Bound (Lowell)

Follow directions from the Lowell Connector


  • Proceed North on the Lowell Connector.
  • Just before the end of the Lowell Connector, take Exit 5B on the right, Thorndike St./Rt 3A.
  • Turn RIGHT at the end of the ramp (no other choice)
  • Continue on this street; pass a few lights and two gas stations until it ends at Lowell Post Office & Tsongas Arena. (Thorndike Street changes to Dutton Street along the way, as well as curving right and then left.) 
  • Turn LEFT onto Fr. Morrisette Blvd.
  • Continue on Fr. Morrisette Blvd and stay on the right lane. Just after the merge turn RIGHT onto University Ave.
  • Cross the medal frame bridge. Go straight when you first get off the bridge.
  • Take your next RIGHT onto Riverside Street.
  • Olsen Hall (Building #1 on the map) will be on your left, a concrete building standing by itself.


  • If it's in the afternoon or in the weekend, you can probably park behind Olsen Hall itself. Just past it is the parking entrance (take a left when you pass the building, then left again to get into the lot).

Otherwise, parking is about 1/4 mile down Riverside Street. Pass the lot, then take a right to get in. See the "P" in the map below, along the top middle.


ADVICE: If you find yourself lost, follow signs to the Tsongas Arena. These signs are all over the city!