Computational Mathematics Research Group


CMR is an Interdisciplinary Research Group

CMR emphasizes innovations in and theorems concerning deterministic computational
algorithms, worst-case and average-case computational complexity, 
numerical analysis, algorithms with randomization, 
computational statistics, optimization, computationally intensive inference, 
computationally intensive image and data analysis, computational geometry
Computational Mathematics Seminars
In memory of Professor Charlie Steele and Professor Ray Gumb



Faculty Members and Related Research Areas


  1. Dr. C. Byrne, Professor of Mathematical Sciences. Optimization, Computed Tomography.
  2. Dr. K. Daniels, Assistant Professor of Computer Science. Applied Computational Geometry, Geometric and Combinatorial Optimization. Types of problems: packing, layout, covering, assignment, clustering. Applicaion aras: manufacturing, bioinformatics, visualization/data mining, telecommunications.
  3. Dr. L.K. Jones, Professor of Mathematical Sciences (Co-Coordinator). Computational Statistics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Transactional Data Inference, Mathematical Statistics, Computational Complexity.
  4. Dr. D. Klain, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences. Combinatorial, Computational and Convex Geometry.
  5. Dr. K. Rybnikov, Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences. Computational and Stochastic Geometry, Graph Theory, Combinatorics
  6. Dr. Alexander Samarov, Professor of Mathematical Sciences . Computational Methods in Statistics and Data Analysis.
  7. Dr. J. Wang, Professor of Computer Science (Co-Coordinator). Computational Complexity, Combinatorics Optimizations, Algorithms.
  8. Dr. M. Yin, Professor of Mathematical Sciences. Random Graphs, Markov Chains, Random Matrices.


Current Doctoral Students


  1. Huei-Yun Lee (Computational Mathematics Option). Area: Computational Complexity
  2. Sei-Hyung Lee. Area: Computational Geometry with Applications to Clustering Problems Arising in Bioinformatics, Visualization and Data Mining.
  3. Tak Wong (Computational Mathematics Option). Area:  Computational Statistics
  4. Ning Zhong. Area: Combinatorial Optimizations and Graph Algorithms



Recent Doctoral Students


  1. Y. Kim (Chemistry 1997). Thesis: Alternative Statistical and Computational Approaches for Pattern Classification of Phenolics by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. Employment: National Center for Toxicological Research.
  2. P.J. O'Neil (Computational Mathematics 2000). Thesis: New Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Analyzing Tabular Data. Employment: Anvil Informatics Inc.


Master's Students


  1. Sa Liu. Area: Dynamic Channel Assignment for Wireless Networks (Graduated in 2001).



Department of Computer Science, Olsen Hall, North Campus

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Olney Hall, North Campus