Dr. Jie Wang

Professor of Computer Science

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Lowell, MA 01854




Olsen Hall 201, UML North









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My current research interests include modeling of big data and its applications, large-scale network dynamics, cloud computing and search over encryption, optimization algorithms, network security, and wireless networks. I am particularly interested in algorithmic problems and mathematical modeling arising from practical applications, including big data analysis and applications, intelligent text automation, mathematical modeling, wireless sensor networks, computational medicine, networking, and online social networks. I studied computational complexity theory from late 1980's to early 2000's, including structural complexity, average-case complexity, and average NP-completeness.

The Path to Greatness -- by Bill Hybels

In each heart is a built-in mechanism that craves self-promotion and advancement, the climb of ego. Our role models and heroes reinforce the theme: Ascend and flex the muscles of your self-will. Do whatever it takes to conquer gravity. Whether you do it blatantly or wear the disguise of humility, make yourself upwardly mobile. Why? Because that is the direction of greatness.

Philippians 2 said: If you want to be truly great, then the direction you must go is down. You must descend into greatness. At the heart of this paradox is still another paradox: Greatness is not a measure of self-will, but rather self-abandonment. The more you lose, the more you gain.