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Ritz and Sage this year, Sanchez and Powell last year............Remember when !!!!!!
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I was going to do this project about 4 years ago!
There were only a handful of coaches that ever sent me data, hence this project is on "the back burner" until I finish my thesis. Sorry... if there was overwhelming interest I might do some more work on it .... later ...peh 7/15/98

This system someday will fully automatically analyzse XC team data and races. It will calculate course difficulty factors and use that info to calculate performaces. It will maintain a database on courses , teams and runners.... all automatically. Coaches will use PDA's like a Newton to time and log XC-race data. Each runner will have a tiny "locater" transmitter which will automatically time the runner as it crosses the finish line. Additionally, the locater will display the location of all the runners during the race on a "virtual" course displayed on the PDA. Hence, for those "off in the woods" courses coaches and spectators will know the runners postion at all times. After the race, the data will be automatically "sent" to this web server, update the database, calculate performances, statistics, and retransmit all the information to other coaches, league reps, ..etc Top performances weekly will be transmitted to newspapers. ...... for an additional service fee a remotely controlled small helicopter will video the race and tranmit live pictures back to the start/finish..... copies of the race will be available for $29.95.

The system is not quite finished,.... ........ but it is possible that if you email me some team data I MIGHT do some analysis. 


If so here are some of the plots you might get... These gif plots have been converted from Foxpro for Windows Screen dumps.

If you would like to e-mail me your data.. here's how. 

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