[Under construction] Several track enthusiests have requested help with making a Web (world wide web) home page for their college team. The easiest way for you to do this is to find a web master (some one who knows how to do it ... preferably at your school) and just send him e-mail info, or brochures, etc and let he/she build it for you. The problem with this is, when you want to update it, you have to wait for them to do it for you. Next best way is for them to show you how to do it. Another suggested way is to find someone on your track team that is majoring in Computer Science..... and make them do it ... if they're any good it should be easy. They should learn about the web, if it is not required in their courses. ********************************************************************* A few suggestions if you really want to do it yourself... A "web page" is an "HTML" formatted file on a computer that is accessible from the internet. Most computers ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE from the internet. .........blah blah.... Usually the computer is a UNIX machine and has its own IP (internet protocal) address like "cs.uml.edu" or "www.uml.edu" (the IP address is actually a number like Many coaches and Athletic departments have information already "in computer form" probably already typed up on a word processor, desk top publisher,or possibly in a spreadsheet. These programs usually have a way of "dumping" the data into a "plain text" or "ascii" file. This should be done. Retyping all the information into a file (or word processing document) should be a LAST RESORT. *************************************************************************** here is an example of an html file, with some info Home Page's

Making your own WWW Home Page

Follow these instructions to make your own home page: NOTE: substitute your username wherever you see mine (mtorpey). Your home directory has to be world readable in order for you to have a www home page (the second step below will take care of this). However, you may want to make sure that the files and directories in your home directory have the permissions you want them too, because after step 2 below, everyone will have read permission on your home directory.
  1. cd
  2. chmod 755 .
  3. mkdir public_html
  4. chmod 755 public_html
  5. Add this line to your .cshrc or .tcshrc
    setenv WWW_HOME http://www.uml.edu/~mtorpey/
  6. cd public_html
  7. Create a file called index.html. This is your home page. It can be read in Mosaic by opening the URL http://www.uml.edu/~mtorpey. This document should be formatted using the html commands. To learn more about this, select the "Help on HTML..." item from the help menu in Mosaic.
  8. chmod 755 index.html


The following are some local examples of home pages. To view their source, you can either log into one of the systems and look at the files directly (look in ~username/public_html) or can load them in Mosaic and view their source using "View Source..." from the Mosaic file menu.
NOTE: all files referenced by Mosaic, whether it be from you or from someone else must have WORLD read access. If they do not, you will get an error like this:

  403 Forbidden

  Your client does not have permission to get URL /~mtorpey/index.html from
  this server.